Travelling abroad to a foreign unfamiliar destination can really be challenging! You always have many questions and worries about the destination you are heading to. You need to receive honest advice and warm hospitality from someone you can trust while away on the safari.

Where as your heart is filled with excitement, your mind is filled with endless questions such as; What is the best safari itinerary to undertake? What is the best time for travel? Is it possible to see the gorillas? Which lodges offer best views and services? Do the accommodations offer en-suite toilets? What is the difference between budget, deluxe and Luxury accommodations? Can we charge our cameras during the tour? What food can we expect to have? Do you cater for vegetarian? How about gluten-free? Which is the best aircraft to fly on? What is the airport to travel and depart from? What currency do we use during the tour? How can we get the most out of our holiday without having to spend much? Can we get our visas on arrival? Do you join groups or will travel privately? Is it safe for single female travelers? Do your safari guides speak English? Can we have local food while on tour? What should we pack? Do we have to offer any tips?

With Africa Tours Adventure Ltd, no question will be left unanswered. We shall listen and to help you plan your trip just the way you want it to be. We shall openly and honestly volunteer all the necessary information lingering on your mind and by the time you arrive on your African Safari, you are already a friend.


Being ethical means different things to different people and being Ethical on African Safari is paramount.

Is having clients travel long distances on empty stomachs to wait for the meals on the next accommodation in order to save money ethical?

Is refusal to turn on air conditioning in the car by the guide/drivers to save on fuel ethical?

Is providing an averagely English speaking guide because this is Africa ethical?

Is accommodating the clients in substandard accommodations not agreed to before booking ethical?

Is failure to facilitate the guides and other staff with enough money which will lead them to begging the clients for tips ethical?

Is failure to accommodate the safari guides or offer them accommodation allowance tempting them to sleep in the vehicles ethical?

Is letting the porters and staff demand tips from clients without proper information about tipping guidelines ethical?

At Africa Tours Adventure, we take a serious approach to provide the best working conditions for our guides and staff. In order to maintain our high standards, we have a strict code of conduct that our employees need to adhere to and we ensure our clients get what they bargained for or better.